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Picture of a wooden tool box filled with handyman tools that are used in Desmoines, IAAre you in search for the most reliable, trustworthy and affordable handyman service in Des Moines, Iowa? You can stop your search because Des Moines Handyman Services can provide you with every handyman service you require.

Our full-scale service offers everything you need from a small repair to large scale drywall installation. Des Moines Handyman is your one-stop shop for all your home repair needs. Our qualified workers are sure to solve whatever repair or renovation issue you may have in your home. We employ top-notch workers to ensure quality service at all times.

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Top Des Moines Handyman Services

We understand that as a homeowner, home maintenance can be nothing less than overwhelming and you’d instead hire someone else than do it yourself. Whether it is a paint job, toilet repair, leaking faucet, or just a simple standard repair, our team of experts can handle it and solve the problem before it gets out of hand.

Des Moines Home Repairs

We are experts in various types of home repair including the following:

  • Toilet repair
  • Trim painting
  • Drywall repair
  • Lock replacement
  • Appliance installation
  • Fence and gates maintenance and repair
  • Window installation and repairs including doorbells and shutters
  • Curtain and blinds installations
  • Hardwood, vinyl, and ceramic tile flooring installations
  • Molding and grout
  • And a lot more!

Picture of our crew member drillingin a screw to secure boards to the ground for a job in Desmoines, IAIf you don’t see the specific service you need in the list, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we will make sure to offer the service in the best way possible. You can also fill out our instant quote form for your convenience.

Home repairs don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Call Des Moines Handyman Services, and we will show you what quality service looks like at a budget-friendly price.

Our full-spectrum of handyman services is sure to cater to your every household repair need. We will make repair and renovation easy and affordable for our loyal and valued customers. There is no job that we cannot do because we give high importance to details and make sure we get the job right every time. We can custom our service to cater to our client’s unique household repair and enhancement needs.

If you trust Des Moines Handyman to take care of your required services, you can have a peace of mind that the job is done with the highest standard of quality in repair service. Our workers are skilled and experienced that is why we can confidently say that you will be satisfied with the finish work once the service is done. We will treat your home as if it is our own, and we will make sure that it will be restored of its natural beauty. Call us today and set a schedule for an estimate.

Des Moines Handyman: A Man of Many Skills

Des Moines handyman is someone who has the right set of skills and ample years of experience in the industry of household repairs. When you realize that a job is too complicated for your ability as a typical homeowner, Des Moines handyman comes in handy. Des Moines handyman can complete a job efficiently and effectively, so you can take advantage of every area of your home. Handymen can be trusted when it comes to enhancing the appearance of a room or doing basic and even complex repairs around your house. They can handle painting, installation, and even issues with your plumbing. Expert handymen can also take care of minor electrical issues you have and provide basic landscaping services. There is literally nothing that a skilled handyman can do for your home repair and improvement needs.

If you have a DIY project that you failed to complete, call Des Moines handyman, and we can make sure to help you finish it. When it comes to reliability, trustworthiness, and skills, Des Moines handyman is hard to beat. He is your go-to handyman for all your basic and extensive repair needs. He can be your superhero who will save the day for you.

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When Do You Need a Des Moines Handyman?

It is not so hard to know when it is time to call a Des Moines handyman. When you have different home repair or issues that can’t be handled by just one specialized contractor, then a Des Moines handyman is who you should call. Another thing to consider is whether you can handle the job on your own. You should also consider the duration of the completion of the task. You don’t want to have an obstruction all week in your home just because you cannot finish the task ASAP. If you lack time and skills, there is no better way to go about it by to call a Des Moines handyman.

When you hire a Des Moines handyman, you don’t have to think about getting other contractor’s service for other repair needs you may have because he can handle everything from the basic to the more complex ones. By hiring a Des Moines handyman, you can save yourself from unwanted stress and save a lot of money because there is no need to hire individual contractors for each job you require.

Des Moines Handyman: More than just Odd Jobs

Picture of our crew members painting the ceiling of our customer in Desmoines, IANo matter what size your home is, maintaining can be a struggle. A Des Moines handyman can help you with every type of task you need in your home. Whether you want to enhance your bathroom or kitchen or repaint some rooms, he can help you handle it with utmost expertise and efficiency. A handyman can offer help in painting, repairs, and installation jobs. While it can be fun to do simple home repairs on your own, there are specific tasks that you simply can’t handle, or there may be some tasks that you’d rather leave to the professional hands of a handyman. A capable Des Moines handyman will be a great help to complete the job that is beyond your capabilities.

It is typical for a house to need repairs now and then. After all, no home is ever immune to wearing off of paint, old-looking paint, and wall cracks despite regular maintenance effort. Every once in a while, you need to handle upkeep and simple repair for simple to serious issues with your wall, doors, windows, plumbing, and even electrical systems. A competitive handyman can handle all sorts of repairs and improvement with his skills and experience in the field. A Des Moines handyman is your go-to service for all your home repair needs.

You may encounter problems in your home that need immediate attention because of the urgency of the issue, such as a leaking faucet that is causing a flood in your kitchen area. Your impulse would tell you to do it yourself or ask your husband to do it, but in most cases, this can cause more harm than good. Letting someone who lacks knowledge in repair can worsen the problem. When you hire a qualified Des Moines handyman, you can be at ease that your home repair is being done by someone who has enough skills and the right tools to complete the job in the fastest time possible.

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Des Moines Handyman: Your Home's Best Friend

When you hire Des Moines Handyman, you don’t work with just one person, but with an entire team of experts in the area of home improvement. Some handyman services are run by a single individual which makes it difficult for him to attend to your urgent needs which result in canceled appointments. This is especially true if he has multiple clients at once. Des Moines handyman is here to cater to your needs that other handyman businesses can’t handle.

We are a capable professional who can tackle various types of tasks at the same time. We can offer quality result each time we perform repair or renovation tasks in your home. We acknowledge the fact that there are certain types of issues that are beyond our capacity and we can tell you about it exactly and refer you to the best person to handle the job. A professional Des Moines handyman is who you need for all your repair and home improvement needs.

Competitive and Fair Prices for a Handyman in Des Moines

We often hear homeowners say that it is hard to find a handyman service that is reliable and has high quality for a cost-effective price. However, with Des Moines handyman, you get the best quality service for a price that is affordable. We can offer you a free quote on our residential and commercial service. Your life doesn’t have to stop while we do the repair service because we can handle the job with minimal interruption on your end. We can assure you that your property will not lose its value after we are done with the repair job.

Picture of our crew using a saw to do carpenter work for a customer in Desmoines, IA

24-Hour Emergency Handyman Services

Certain home repair issues need an urgent response. For this reason, 24/7 emergency service is a must for every handyman out there. If you are bothered by your leaking sink that is causing flooding in your kitchen area, Des Moines Handyman can come to your service no matter what time of the day. We have been helping homeowners in the local area for many years now, and we want to improve further the quality of what we offer. We are a locally-owned and run company that can quickly respond to your emergency needs. You are just a phone call away for that fast, professional and affordable handyman service that you deserve.

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