What is your business?

We are a licensed and insured handyman business that caters to a wide array of services, including professional repair, construction services, and renovation.

What services do you offer?

Our company aims to provide a wide selection of services to our customers. While we cannot do everything, we make sure that we can attend to most of your repair, construction, electrical, and renovation needs.

Are you licensed, insured, and bonded?

Yes! When we started our business, these are the first things we secured to have because we want to provide our customers with a safe service that they can trust.

Electrical FAQ

Is a tripping breaker dangerous?

Breakers typically trip due to an overloaded circuit. While it is not entirely dangerous, we advise you to run fewer appliances on the circuit. This should be enough to fix the issue. If the reason for the tripping breakers is not an overloaded circuit, the reason for it may be defective wiring, socket, or plug. This is a serious problem, and we recommend you calling a handyman right away to look into the issue.

Should I use a larger fuse to prevent my breaker from tripping?

Generally, the answer is no because fuses are meant to break if the charge hits a certain level. This is to keep you and your appliances safe.

Can I fix the plug from our dryer if it doesn’t fit the receptacle in our house?

Fixing will not do much in this case. If it doesn’t fit the plug, it has to be changed. It is much better to call a handyman to handle the situation for your safety.

What is the transformer?

It is an electronic device that converts voltage. Transformers decrease the voltage for use on low-voltage appliances such as doorbells and thermostats.

Routine maintenance and basic knowledge can help you solve underlying electrical problems in your home. For example, if a light goes out, you should start with the bulb and see if it is a problem. Keep in mind that before you perform any electrical project, you should consult a professional handyman or electrician for your safety. At Des Moines Handyman, we will be more than happy to attend to your electrical concerns and get the job done as quickly as possible. We will complete the job safely and carefully identify the root of the issue, so it doesn’t come back at all. We bring you simple yet helpful tips to guide you in maintaining and identifying electrical problems that are most common in residential areas.

Electrical Tips

Circuit- The path the electric current travels from as it enters your house, through a panel. It travels across wires to the electrical device and goes back to its origin.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter- Also called the GFCI, it is a special circuit breaker that’s mostly installed in garages, bathrooms, and outdoor locations. GFCI opens the circuit when a current leakage happens. It stops the electricity from running to it, keeping the appliance and your house safe.

Circuit breakers- It works like a fuse.

Grounding- It maintains any metal parts or wiring system connected to it at 0 volts to prevent death or shock during a short circuit.

Electrical wires are color-coded. Red and black are usually the hot wires and marked for safety reasons. Doing electrical work can be dangerous, so it should be performed with the utmost care and safety. Don’t ever work on a live circuit and shut the electricity off when working on switches and anything that runs on electricity. When changing a fuse, power off the main connection. If you’re doing a difficult job, don’t even think of doing it. Call us, and we will take care of everything.

Plumbing FAQ

Why do faucets leak?

Faucets leak when the seals inside it get worn or accumulate dirt. You can choose to replace the damaged parts or replace it with a new one to enhance the look of your shower, kitchen, or bathroom. Sometimes, replacing the faucet is better than repairing it because you can avoid further repair issues.

Why are some faucets more costly than others?

The simple answer to this is that some faucets are made with higher quality materials than the others. More expensive faucets are typically made from solid brass, which is known to be more durable and aesthetically-pleasing than other materials used for making a faucet. While you may be charged more for installing a quality faucet, you can rest assure that you will receive the same quality and value for your money. The product will last longer and will not require repair or maintenance.

Is it possible to replace a two-handle faucet with a single-handle faucet?

The answer to this is generally yes. Dimensions and sink opening for faucets are standard in the entire plumbing industry. You should check the sizes first before you decide to replace your faucet to ensure that they are a match.

What’s the right way of cleaning polished brass faucets?

You can use a damp cloth and warm water to clean brass faucets. Remove the dry water spots. Never use cleaners that use abrasives and other harsh chemicals or solvents. Apply high-quality automotive wax to keep the beauty of your faucet. Just make sure that it doesn’t have any abrasives to protect your faucet.

Why my old water heater doesn’t work as it used to?

As you use the heater, it begins to build up sediments in the tank. The accumulated sediment and lime deposits cause the heater to wear out. These deposits should be removed periodically to avoid problems like this in the future. The sediments will form a barrier between the water and the burner, which will have a significant effect on the heater’s performance. It will require the heater more fuel to deliver hot water.

What does “pressure balancing” in shower faucet mean?

This type of faucet senses the rise and fall of water pressure due to flushing and starting dishwashers. It keeps the water temperature at the same level.

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